I’m Not a Robot Review 【MX Original】


I’m not a Robot is a Korean Drama series available for free on MX Player. By the title, you’ll think it is a Sci-Fi series, but no, it’s a cute story of two youngsters’ romance, and definitely, it is worth watching.

I'm not a Robot
I am not a Robot

It’s a South Korean series and originally filmed in the Korean language and available in Hindi dubbing as well. The Hindi dubbed version is 1 season, 16 episodes long, and if you are not a K-Drama fan, just give it a try, you’ll love it.

The Original Korean version is of 32 episodes, but in MX Player they merged 2 episodes in 1.

I’m Not a Robot Overview

This series is about an isolated guy(Kim Min Gyu) who is suffering from an unknown allergy, which raises his body temperature and distorts half of his body whenever he touches any other human.

He has all the wealth and success, but even after that he wasn’t able to cure that unknown allergy, and there comes a girl called Ji A, whose existence near him will cure his disease.

I’m Not a Robot Review

I am not a Robot review
I am not a Robot review

It feels really nice to watch this series. The story is very unique and fresh, and definitely worth watching. But don’t find any logic in it, because, it has many Sci-Fi scenes which don’t match real-life technology.

The Cinematography and the music compositions are top-notch, the acting is also impressive, and the Hindi dubbing is also done so well. At some point in the series, it is very slow, and you’ll feel that it is being stretched, but overall, it is good.

This is a quite long series, it is 1 season, 16 episodes long, and each episode is around 60 mins. But the acting and the cuteness in the series will make you watch till the end.

The lead character, Kim Min Gyu has wealth and success, but an unknown allergy leads him to be isolated. Then the robot inventor meets him and shows his newly-made robot, A Ji 3 which is a female robot. Due to water damage, a part of the robot becomes failed and the robot professor approaches his ex-girlfriend to pretend as a robot.

Later on, it is very fun to see how Kim Min Gyu and Ji A fall in love. It doesn’t have any violence, nudity, or use of strong language, it is a 13+ rated series with a refreshing storyline that everyone can watch. If you are new to Korean Drama, it will be the best beginning.

Final Conclusion

It is an addictive series, and it is definitely worth spending your time on it. And also, it is available in the regional language Hindi, which makes it extremely helpful to experience every moment of it. And if you are new to K-Drama, definitely you should give it a try. And most importantly, it is available for free on MX Player


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