Kudi Yedamaithe Review:- Must Watch Or Not | 8.7 IMDB


Kudi Yedamaithe is the Telugu web series streaming on the Telugu OTT platform ‘Aha Video’. The series is written by Ram Vignesh and directed by Kannada director Pawan Kumar which was released on July 16th, 2021.

Kudi Yedamaithe
Kudi Yedamaithe

Cast and Crew of Kudi Yedamaithe

Cast:- Amala Paul, Rahul Vijay, Ravi Prakash, Nithya Shri, Pawan Kumar, and others
Writer:- Ram Vignesh
Director:- Pawan Kumar
Streaming on:- Aha Video
Release Date:- June 16, 2021

In India, we haven’t seen anyone doing the perfect Skyfall genre with a time loop concept and no one dares to touch that. But here, with minimal loopholes the Kannada director Pawan Kumar, has absolutely directed the web series Kudi Yedamaithe.

There are two lead characters, one is a delivery boy and lady police, one night both will get accident to each other, and from there they both see the same day once again and a loop will start. How does the loop start? How do they see that day? You should watch these points in the episodes itself.

Kudi Yedamaithe
Kudi Yedamaithe

Kudi Yedamaithe Positives

The positive aspect is the story, written by writer Ram Vignesh beautifully. In the story, one day will repeat like a loop, and the audience is left with many questions and at the end of the story, we get clear answers.

Screenplay, editing and direction are excellent. The same scenes are shown in each episode, but in each episode we can watch the same scene with different emotions. You don’t come to a conclusion in the middle of a series. The story closes the scenes perfectly, and neatly answers the questions. You don’t understand what I’m trying to say, once you see the series you understand the right picture.

Minute granules like Repeat Delivery Company, banana and everyday different emotions are perfect in Kudi Yedamaithe. Rahul Vijay’s performance in the entire series was better than that of Amala Paul and his character had different variations.

Kudi Yedamaithe Negatives

When we talk about negatives, what I see is monotony, in fact the concept is written like that, some scenes have to be repeated in a few episodes. Watching the series is very slow for us but it is directed at cultivating curiosity.

Please do watch the series Kudi Yedamaithe, you will get this series in Telugu OTT platform AHA. After watching this, if you have any questions please comment in comment section.

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