Best Korean Drama Series on Amazon Prime 2021


Korean Drama, also known as K-Drama has a huge fan base, not only from Korea but also from all around the world people love to watch K-Drama. Netflix is the only platform where you will get the best K drama content.

If you have Amazon Prime subscription and willing to watch the best KDrama, Sorry! you are using the wrong platform. Even if you search for Best KDrama on Amazon Prime on the internet, you probably get a list of thousands of KDrama series. But trust me, none of them are available on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is best for South-Indian Movies and Hindi Series, but it has the least number of K Drama series. Without wasting time, let’s discuss the best Korean Drama available on Amazon Prime.

1. Parasite

The Parasite is a Thriller/Comedy Korean movie available on Amazon Prime. It is one of the highest-rated Korean films of 2019. The casting and acting of the actors are fabulous.

Best KDrama of 2021

*Spoiler* This is Movie is based on a poor jobless Korean Family who was seeking Employment and Luxurious life.

The cinematography and the production is top-notch. It is originally filmed in the Korean language, but the Hindi dubbed version is also fantastic. The dubbing is so good that never lets you feel its origin is Korean.

It is an Adult rated film, and the IMDb rating is 8.6. It the #1 K-Drama you will get in Amazon Prime.

2. The [email protected]

It is Korean Drama Series available on Amazon Prime Videos. It is initially released on 2017, and it is 1 season and 24 episodes long.

Best KDrama on Amazon Prime

There are N-number of K-Drama series available, it is one of the best available on Amazon Prime videos. The acting is good, but it is only available in the Korean language with English subtitles.

The story is about a group of Girls who compete with each other to appear in the Entertainment industry. It is a good Korean Drama series, but because of the language barrier, you may feel it boring in the beginning. But once you get to understand the characters better, you will feel it so interesting and engaging.

3. The Recorder Exam

It is an inspirational 28 mins short film released in 2011, and available to watch on Amazon Prime, the IMDb rating of this Short film is 7.7 which is quite good.

Korean Drama short film

This KDrama is about a nine-year-old girl who was concerned about her exams and as she struggles to find a place within her own family.



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