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Yako Sisya Kannada Song

Yako Sisya Kannada song mp3 download

Yako Sisya song from an upcoming movie Cutting Shop. This song is written by Pavan Bhat and sung by Nakul Abhyankar and Ramya Bhat.

The music of this song is composed by KB Praveen, which will definitely blow your mind at once.

The lyrics of the song are about students who don’t have girls in their class. It better suits Mechanical Engineering students.

The visuals of the lyrical video are satisfying and well-edited. It is officially published on Punith Raj Kumar owned PRK Audio YouTube channel.

You can watch the Official Music Video from the below link. And scroll to the bottom to Download Yako Sisya mp3 song.

Yako Sisya song Lyrics in Kannada

Yaako Sisya…!

Aa Class-al Bipasha, Ee Class-Alli Trisha
Nam Class- al Yaaru Illa..
Yaako Sisya, Helu Yaako Sisya..

Aa Class- al Kareena, Ee Class-Al Katreena
Nam Class- al Yaaru Illa
En Maadona, Heli Yaarg Helona..

Nam Roominalli
Rchita Dinavu Sigtaale, Gedene Antkond Irtale..
Nam College Alli
Rakshita Smile Maadtale, Gyap Alle Kamit Aagtale..

Pic-U Sheru Maadovaga, Dear-U Antaaralla..
Like-U Sheru Sikkamele, Brother-U Antaralla..
Namage Yaaru Bilodilla, Try Maadodral Tapenilla..

Praveen-Idu Nimage Maatra Annsod, Athava Hudugeerigu Heege Ansatta?

Aa Class- al Digant, Ee Class- al Ganesh
Nam Calss- al Maatra Gireesh, Venkatesh, Suresh, Tippesha..

CUTTING SHOP – Yako Sisya Kannada song mp3 Download

Download the Yako Sisya mp3 song from the below link.



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