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    Jio Caller Tunes are the tunes of the songs where the caller can hear it. The Jio users can keep any songs as the caller tune of their favorite, here is the list of top Jio Caller Tunes.

    In this medical emergency due to Corona Virus, the common caller tune is about the safety precautions. But it is not for Jio users, when you keep your own caller tune in that case the common caller tune will not play.

    In the older version of the JioSaavn Application, some songs will not have the caller tunes but in the new version, if the song is not having a caller tune you can click on “Request Jio Tune” after some days you get the tune.

    Jio Caller Tunes

    Top Jio Caller Tunes

    Love You Chinna – Love Mocktail

    Hands UP – Avane Shrimannarayana

    Ba Ba Ba Na Ready – Roberrt

    Maadeva – Popcorn Monkey Tiger

    Nannavale Nannavale – Inspector Vikram

    Arare Shuruvayitu Hege – Gentleman

    Soul of Dia – Dia

    Maramman Disco – All. Ok

    Dostha Kano – Roberrt

    Marali Manasaagide – Gentleman

    Janumagale KaayuveLove Mocktail

    I Love You Sanjana – Salaga

    Kanna Haniyondu – Raghu Dixit

    Jai Sriram – Roberrt

    Neene Yendigu – Love Mocktail


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