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Pogaru Ringtone

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Pogaru ringtones

Pogaru movie have several dialog ringtones and song ringtones, you have to choose which one you want to keep as your mobile phone’s ringtone.

There are many types of ringtones, such as Romantic, Rowdy style, moody, horror, musical, instrumental, DJ and others. You can set pogaru ringtones for Android and iOS as well.

Pogaru Ringtones for Android and iOS

Pogaru dialog ringtones

Basically, Dhruva Sarja is the lead actor in the Pogaru movie, and Dhruva is famous for his dialogs, and the Pogaru movie is also full of dialogs. Below are some selected dialog ringtones from the Pogaru Kannada film.

1. Rashmika yelling on Dhruva

This is the ringtone in which Dhruva throws fire-crackers on Rashmika, and she replies to it by saying “it causes pollution“.


2. I am notorious

This is the famous and everyone’s famous dialog from Pogaru Movie in which Dhruva calls himself notorious. If you like dialog ringtones, then I strongly recommend this one, it will definitely grab you an impression.


3. Pogaru Dialog ringtone

This is yet another dialog ringtone extracted from this official trailer.


Pogaru Movie song ringtones

Currently, only one song is released from this movie, you can download it from the below link, and we will update this post again after the release of another song.

Pogaru Karabuu ringtone

Karabuu is the first song from Pogaru film, composed by Chandan Shetty. If you want a higher impression of your friends’ circle, this is the ringtone that we recommend.



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