6 Underrated Music Directors of Kannada Film Industry


    Music Directors are the persons who are responsible for the music composition of the film songs and they are the one who makes the film awesome.

    As we can see the Star Actors in the film industry likewise there are also star music directors who make music to the Star Actors. There are also other music directors who get a chance only to tier two Heroes. Where the tier two heroes movies will be low budget or the movie will not be able to get a good response due to this many good music directors are underrated.

    Here are the six Underrated Music Directors of Kannada Film Industry
    1. Raghu Dixit

    I am very sorry to take his name because he is the greatest musician and a music director, in the beginning, days I thought that he was not interested to make music to the films but after watching some interviews I came to know that the producers or directors are not approaching him.

    He is the man who made modern versions of old Kannada janapada songs and performed these songs in many countries. He also made music to some films among them “Just Maat Maathalli” is a wonderful album and this one will be the evergreen. The other romantic album is “Love Mocktail” which is a recent hit.

    2. Anup Siri

    One of my favorite songs of Anup’s is from “Sidlingu” which was hit, after that he gave music to ‘Madarangi’ and ‘Rose’ both were famous for the music. And Yaddelu Manjunath, Parari, Aatagara, Yaradanesala these films also received a good response from the audience but he will not be in the list of successive music directors. We wish good luck for his future.

    3. Poornachandra Tejaswi

    When the ‘Lucia’ film team searching for the music director and he got selected from the social media, also gave a piece of good music, in this movie “Tinbedakammi” was the famous song and movie got Karnataka State Award.

    Then he only got seven films to do music but he has given a good music according to the film. The one who will be making award winning movies he is the best person to choose.

    4. Bharat BJ

    His first film was ‘Simpallaag ond Love Story’, in this we can see very good music and all the songs were hit after that ‘Bahupark’ was also made mild hit but he didn’t get any chance for other movies. Then he came with ‘Beautiful Manasugalu’, in this the title track was a big hit. So let us expect for the upcoming movies to have his music.

    5. Mithun Mukund

    He gave music to the small films like Coffee Thota, Srinivasa Kalyana, Ondu Motteya Kathe and the recent one is Maya Bazar. In future he will also be in a good music directors list if he receives a good response from audience.

    6. Judha Sandy

    He is the young music director who made songs for Badmash, Operation Alamelalla, Chamak which was hit, rather than telling underrated he suits for under-appreciated. In the coming days definitely he will direct for big films.

    This is my list of music directors who are underrated or trying get big films for their talents and there are many such directors who have talents but they are not on the correct path.

    You can also think that these music directors will suit for the mass films, as we can observe that ‘Charan Raj’ who gave music to Pushpaka vimana and Godi Banna Sadharana Maikattu these two films are classic and when got an opportunity for Tagaru he gave mass music. So we can’t judge anyone from only one or two movies.


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